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OMR Software Comparison - Sheet Design

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Addmen OMR offers a convenient software solution for designing your OMR sheets with ease and simplicity. A first-time user with a good hand with computers can easily design an OMR sheet layout in less than fifteen minutes.

Operating other OMR software products in the market requires one to possess geometric skills for designing the sheets, which takes a lot of time and effort. Below is an apt comparison of Addmen OMR Software and other OMR solutions in the industry.

Other OMR Solutions
OMR Sheets

Sheets need to be designed separately, and designing tasks require advanced geometry skills for manual placement of blocks and bubbles.


Known to permit frequent sheet rejections resulting from misaligned sheets. Mismatching reads require user validation by manually overlapping mismatched areas, which can be tedious and consume a lot of time with critical projects involving thousands of sheets.

Only supports two-color sheets based on color dropping.

Thickness, color, and the make of the paper matters, which can pose dependency over expensive sheets, costing up to Rs.1.25 per sheet. Plus, you need to have enough sheets ordered from the vendors and stocked in your shelves to be prepared for emergencies.


Addmen OMR Software
OMR Sheets

Test sheets can be created in no time, simply by inputting the test parameters and by defining the questions. Question blocks and answer bubbles can be simply drag-dropped and snapped into alignment, as per the desired sheet design.

Addmen offers a convenient resolution to rejection problems with its auto-aligner utility, which automatically detects and corrects images of tilted sheets.


Addmen supports single colored (black and white), as well as 2-colored sheets.

Addmen reads the sheets irrespective of their paper quality, thus offering a harmless cost-cutting solution for OMR sheet printing, and ridding the users of their dependence over specialized paper vendors.

Regular copier papers that cost about Rs.0.50 per sheet can be used and can comfortably be printed using laser printers during emergencies.

Comparing the Efficiency of Sheet Design and Printing in Older Solutions and Addmen OMR Software

Older OMR Solutions

For a first, sheet printing becomes an expensive process, involving specially crafted paper for printing the OMR sheets, with restricted availability in smaller cities.


And secondly, sheet designing needs to be carried out separately using Corel Draw or similar solutions that demand that you buy their license. Failing to do so might result in copyrights violations.


Limitations posed by color dropped sheets give rise to difficulty in making amendments to mark size and intensity.

Addmen OMR Software

Addmen OMR software offers a cost-effective solution for printing OMR sheets; unlike the OMR scanners, the software does not restrict its reading to specific paper types, which are usually priced much higher than the regular A4 sized paper used for photocopying and laser printing.

Addmen OMR Software hardly takes about 10-15 minutes to design an OMR sheet. Addmen OMR software delivers its result outputs in open source formats that can be opened and edited using Corel Draw. You may very well take black & white prints too.

Addmen OMR software also comes with an inbuilt color dropping feature for reading colored OMR sheets, which works great even with low end scanners