OMR Test Scanning Software Step 3: Read Scanned Sheets

Four crucial steps are involved in the OMR sheet checking software. Out of all the steps the third one is the most crucial one. In this stage the OMR sheets are accurately and speedily checked. But more importantly, reading the OMR sheet is what makes the software popular. Making the technology easy to use is what the software is acknowledged for. It is affordable and cuts down the use of scanner like it was done in the past.

OMR sheet scanner software reads all the scanned images that are present in the sheets. With the help of a scanner you will have to scan all the sheets. Regular scanners used in the office can be used for scanning the data or the images.

As the data is scanned, you will have to select the 'read sheet panel'. In this section you will have to access the OMR test checking. This is why you will have to go through the folders where you have saved the OMR sheets that are to be scanned. As you are done with the scanning the OMR sheet image, or scanned images will be read by the software.

When it comes to efficiency you will not have anything to worry about. The sheets can be read as fast as thousand sheets per hour. Also the speed does not affect on the accuracy of the data. Hence you can be rest assured that the data is scanned perfectly. Alerts are sent if it encounters any fault or errors.

The demo video provided for step 3 of the module will explain how to read the OMR sheets. It also shows the various reading mode options which can be used for different types of processing requirements.