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OMR Answer Sheet Checking Software Step 2: Set Answer Key

Accessing and using the OMR test checker software is extremely easy. In 4 simple steps you will be able to check the MCQ tests that are based on the OMR sheets. This is the second part of the program that entails setting the answers to the questions. It is the most crucial step. In this step the software enables comparing the answer key with the answers that are marked by the students in the tests. In short it is the stage that allows you to get the results for the tests.

OMR test answer key can be set in 3 ways in the test checker software.

This is the place not just for setting the answer key but also for setting the block type that will be used in the OMR sheets. Here you get the opportunity to determine the marking system that your answer sheet will have.

The video provided here would show you how to enter the answer key and also how to set the marking scheme. Watch carefully and learn this important step of the answer sheet checker manual.

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