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OMR Answer Sheet Checker Main Screen
OMR & IT Solutions
Certified ISO 27001-2013

OMR Answer Sheet Checker Main Screen Introduction Video

All videos are with English narration so please check that your PC sound is ON.

The foremost module of the OMR sheet reader software is the OMR answer sheet checker. This software comes in handy when the MCQ Tests are to be checked. Under this software the answers are read and checked for accuracy. The data is processed and results are declared. It is possible because the answer sheet checker understands the processing of data. It is quick in processing and reading the data. Thus, evaluating even thousands of sheets within limited time frame is possible.

There are 4 elements that make answer sheet checker effective and functional.

The first section handles the structure of the test. Hence the title for the test and the questions will be prepared. In this section you to get to pick the OMR answer sheet.

Once the test is ready it will be followed by answer key. Under this section you can cut and paste the answer sheets from the reliable source. It is also possible to get the answer sheet copied from the answer sheet that is filled accurately.

The third stage will involve reading of the OMR sheets. OMR answer sheets will be scanned. The software would read all these sheets. The answers that are marked by the students would be scanned for ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and the marks will be given as per the standards that are set by the user. Unlike the other OMR sheet reader software, this will also read the images or ICR.

The fourth stage will allow viewing of the results. This software has capacity to present results in the format of a report style. Such reports would carry mark list and the analysis of the performance. All the statics would be present in this report. Also the reports can be published on your website or sent through email or updated through SMS.

The process of OMR answer sheet checker is as quick as 3 sheets being checked in 1 second. Hence, it is the quick, accurate, and most sought after software.

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