OMR Answer Sheet Checker Step 1: Define Test

Addmen OMR software has 3 modules. The most common and overused module is the answer sheet checker. This is the most appropriate for correcting the MCQ OMR test. The answer bubbles made by the students would be assessed by the software and the marks would be processed. Defining the test is the first stage out of the four stages that the answer sheet checker has.

OMR Test Sheet Checker Software has the define test as a stage to help the person decide the parameters for the MCQ tests. A panel where one can set the levels for the test is offered. While working on this stage you will be able to perform several tasks. They include:

Since you have defined the MCQ test parameters and named the tests it will be easier for you to save the results and print, publish or mail the reports.

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The demo video of the first step of the OMR answer test sheet checker software explains all the features about defining test step by step.