Best OMR Software

Best OMR Software

Addmen offers the best OMR solutions, and is preferred by over 2500 professionals spread across 12 countries. We have been providing OMR solutions to a wide customer base comprising several organizations of the public sector including the defence sector and to many high-ranking institutions, universities, and various coaching class brands. Our solutions are used for the evaluation of IIT JEE, which is considered as the most critically evaluating engineering entrance exam. Besides, we also cater to the needs of over a thousand assessment service vendors, national research centres, renowned Indian brands, international clients, including universities and educational institutions in UK, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Singapore and more.

Quality of Technical Support

Addmen have ensured continuous support services for first time users and for active subscribers of annual maintenance support services, for over a decade now. We have a dedicated support team thrice the size of our marketing and the administration team, for conveniently handling over fifty ticket requests every day.

In Depth R&D Activities

Addmen OMR software  solutions have continuously evolved from the time of its development 12 years ago, based on genuine and original inputs from our developers. Continuous support operation is conducted on the basis of user stories and client feedback. Our developers strive to keep up to date with usage requirements in various fields, and release frequent updates and occasional bug fixes, as the requirements spawn. Another thoughtful feature allows for its outputs to be generated in open source formats, which can then be edited as per the users convenience and requirements.

Original Concept and Consistent Performance

The Addmen OMR software has been developed from an original concept more than 12 years ago. This software has been developed by a team of creative and futuristic individuals. While there are several similar software available in the market today, none of them can beat the Addmen OMR software in terms of versatility, usability and futuristic capability.

These are the reasons why most of the companies that we work with not only renew their licenses every year but also buy multiple licenses by spending lacs of rupees. Renowned corporate companies like Sahara, Reliance and HCL have been using the Addmen OMR software even when they have the capability and technical know-how to create their own systems. In other words, the Addmen OMR software is a well tested system.

Integrated OMR Solution Offering Multiple Services

The wide range of user requirements that had to be covered led us into combining several modules and versions under one roof. Advanced OMR software versions are available for high-speed bulk data processing needs, and we also offer a portable server version of the software for convenient multi-location deployment. Other add-on modules for Addmen OMR solutions include:

Along with all these, we also provide facility for psychometric evaluation with our OMR software. In case of some recruitment examinations, psychometric evaluation (there are no right or wrong answers, rather each answer has a specific score) is done to recruit the right candidates for a particular job. By using our OMR software, evaluating the scores and creating graphical reports becomes an easy process. The Addmen OMR software supports psychometric tests like Kuder Richardson Index, Item Discrimination Index, Item Response Curve, etc.

Best Features for Best Price

Addmen OMR solutions are best in terms of user-compliance. The software is available in three conveniently priced modules, so you end up paying only for the features that you specifically require. Moreover, unlike other OMR solutions available in the market, Addmen OMR solutions can be clubbed with printers and scanners that come without color dropping facility.
Addmen OMR solutions are guaranteed to produce accurate results. Accuracy is maintained throughout the tasks of designing, validation, and data processing. Sheets can be scanned with high reading speeds under the auto mode. Sheets containing marking errors are skipped for later evaluation in the manual mode. Tilted sheets are auto-aligned to a considerable extent, and the aligner utility works effectively to bring down the number of rejections.

Cost-wise, Addmen OMR software solutions, clubbed with a regular ADF scanner and an inkjet printer is priced at just 10% of the total cost of an  OMR scanning machine. Depreciation costs and costs incurred due to wear and tear of the OMR scanner are curbed with the application of the OMR software solution.


A quick comparison of the Addmen OMR software with other OMR software based solutions and OMR machine based system would give you a clear idea as to why the former is known as the best OMR software.

Addmen OMR Software v/s Other OMR Software Based Solutions

Other OMR Software Solutions

OMR scanner machines had to be used for OMR process in the past. There were no good or successful OMR software available for the processing.

OMR scanning machines are expensive and can range anywhere from Rs. 3.5 to 50 lacs rupees.


The accuracy of the machine depends on the thickness of the paper as well as how accurately it has been cut.

The speed of checking the sheets depends on the speed of the scanner.

Addmen OMR Software

No need to use OMR scanner machines. The software reads already scanned OMR sheets. Any regular image scanner can be used for scanning the sheets.

Addmen OMR software is flexible, economical, independent and accurate. As any scanner can be used, the price of the scanner depends on your budget.

The accuracy of the software is 100% even if the scanned sheets are tilted or skewed.

The software can read and evaluate almost 3 sheets in one second.

Addmen OMR Software v/s OMR Machine Based Solutions

OMR Machine Based Solutions

The OMR sheets have to be present at the place of scanning. Also, in case of multiple deployment, each place would need a separate scanning machine which is bulky and expensive.

Maintenance and updating of the OMR machine requires the presence of a trained personnel.

Making changes to the machine is not easy nor can be done quickly.


Addmen OMR Software

The OMR sheets can be scanned at one place and evaluated in another by sending the scanned sheets through FTP or email. Additional licenses are available with one software purchase.

The process of maintaining and updating the software can be done from a distant location, within minutes.

Changes and customization of the software can be done easily without the physical presence of a personnel.