OMR Form Reader Software

Screenshots and Operation of OMR Form Reader Software

The second module of the OMR software, the OMR form reader is a software that helps to read OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) forms. It is different from the OMR answer sheet checker software (first module of OMR software) as the latter can read as well as evaluate the answer sheets. The OMR forms are used as documents to collect information. Hence, the OMR form reader reads the data in the OMR format (bubble markings) and provides it in the form of words, letters, numbers, etc. Here we have provided all the details of OMR form reader operation.

One of the best features of the OMR form reader software is that it has a sheet designing facility. In other words, it can not only read the OMR forms but also help you to design them. A variety of OMR forms can be created using this sheet designer software. Designing and operating the OMR reader software is quite easy and does not need any special skills or training.

Step 1 : Read Sheet

Step 2 : Export Data to Desired formats

Excel Output