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OMR Form Reader

OMR Form Reader  is an optical mark recognition software used for collecting data from various types of OMR based forms and applications, including feedback forms, survey questionnaires, election ballots etc. The software allows for conveniently collecting and storing data from college applications, attendance sheets, hospital admission papers, banking applications etc, and checklists used for procurement, inventory control, and process control audits.

The Design Module

The form processing software comes with a designer module, which you can use to create all types of single-sided or double-sided OMR forms. Research institutions thrive on this software to acquire and store essential OMR data for critical analysis and future reference.

OMR Form Design

The Reader Module

The filled/completed OMR forms that are collected for processing are first passed through a regular ADF scanner, and the scans are saved in BMP, TIF formats.

The reader module has critical customizations that allow for seamless detection of objects/blocks in the scanned forms. Image capturing allows handwritten sections like signatures, addresses etc to be captured and processed. Advanced versions of the OMR reader software come with additional features that also include:

Unlike the answer sheet checker, the form reader facilitates image capturing, an important feature that is not included in the standard version of the sheet reading software.

OMR Form Reading

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