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OMR Test Software Reports & Export Videos

Addmen OMR software is popular in offering the users with the best test reporting tool. This tool is extremely comfortable and easy to use too. It is a great resource to get the test results and generate reports. As the data gets collected in the OMR sheets the results are automatically generated by the software.

The format to generate the reports has to be determined. Only then the reports would be published in the chosen format. If you are wondering about how many formats are available, then there are many. Depending on the kind of report you want you can pick the graphical or the question paper analytical report.

In order to generate the reports in the format that you like you will have to export OMR test results in excel format. Undoubtedly the software has amazing formats in which the reports can be generated. But if at all you are looking for a format of your own you can go for that one too. But you will need the data to press the format of your own. In such situation the software will give you the best solution. You can export the data from the software into your excel sheet.

Every detail that is mentioned about the student will be mentioned neatly in the cells of the excel sheet. Picking any information from the software and copying it into the excel sheet is easy. As the data gets copied into the excel sheet you can generate reports in the form that you like. In short the OMR test software can help you to get test results in the way that you want.

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