Omr Test Software Graphical Performance Analysis Report

Simple and highly operational is the method to generate the graphical performance report of candidate. The OMR software by Addmen has all the facilities to generate reports and display the reports in the format that you like. All you need to do is select the format in which you will want the results to be displayed. The software would automatically pull the results and present them in your desired format.

The data is presented neatly in a format that has every detail about the student. Right from name, exam number, subject names, marks in respective subjects and percentage, every detail is displayed in the sheet. The software enables this data to be presented in the graphical format. In this way data of every student can be compiled and tracked whenever needed.

The graphics used to display the results are in the forms of various diagrams like pie or bar. Any means that allows comparing the data in simple way is accessed by the software. Motive of using such software is to access the data and tally the results in a simple way.

Since all the details related to the student and the tests are available, it becomes easier for the person to view their performance. Most importantly analyzing the data is comfortable and so much easier. Since there is clarity in the reports there is no room for confusion or mix ups. The reports are generated based on every detail available to the software. The software can be trusted for its accuracy and perfect evaluation.