Omr Test Software Question Paper Analysis Report

Addmen OMR is the best tool to generate reports of the tests. It is not just easy but also an extremely efficient way to handle the tests and generate reports. Once the data is gathered from the OMR sheets through the software the test results would be automatically generated. The format in which the test results are generated will be the one that you have picked.

There are several formats available and mark lists and the question analysis reports are just a few to mention. But there would be times where you would want the report to be presented in your way. This software has a solution for this issue too.

You can definitely get the data from OMR test software to the excel sheet. The information pertaining to the performance of the applicant will be available in Excel. Right from the name of the person to every detail like phone number, exam ticket number, etc. will be available.

Interestingly information like marks obtained by the student in the subject, in his section, and even the percentage is calculated by the software. As soon as the data is transferred to the excel sheet, you are free to generate the reports in the format of your choice. So if you are looking for means of creating reports in your style then you will get the best assistance from this software.

With the freedom to pick the format or even personalize the report format you will not find anything more interesting than this software.