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Data Security

OMR Data Security

Many people are concerned about the security of the OMR scanned data. Addmen OMR Software scans the OMR sheet quickly and accurately, so the data stays in the system for only a very short period of time, leaving no room for manipulation.

In some sensitive entrance tests and recruitment exams for government jobs, a large number of candidates participate; so many users are concerned about the security of the OMR sheets. Since there are a large number of sheets to be scanned, the data remains in the system for a longer time. It is advised that you take the necessary precautionary measures to secure the test from malpractices and unfavourable manipulation.

Level of Security

OMR software is very secure. There is administrative password and user password protection option available in the software, which prevent the user from viewing or changing the answer key. The results database is also protected through password. Unauthorized personnel cannot access the result data stored in the system.

Answer key Security

As there is no need to store the answer key in the scanning system, answer key can be protected and introduced in the software at the last minute, so the evaluation staff do not do corrections in the OMR sheet of any candidate while scanning them. This way, you can secure your sheet checking process from potential malpractices.

Is it Possible to Alter the Data after Evaluation?

The alteration of the OMR sheet is possible after the evaluation of each OMR sheet, but you can secure all the data with a password, so only the authorized personnel can alter the stored data.

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