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Integration With Third Party

Once the OMR sheet is scanned, the OMR software processes the OMR data after reading. It collects this data to generate test results and reports in a specific format. Institutions and organizations have their own requirements when it comes to acquiring reports and declaring the results. This is usually done by collecting data from one system and exporting into another system. This gives rise to a need of integrating two different systems together.

Integrating OMR Software Data With Other Systems

It is very difficult to design a software to recognize all kinds of file formats because the data and coding structure of every software is unique. Also incorporating all different types of codes into the software would make it very complex and difficult to use. To suit everyone’s needs, it is very important to make the software user-friendly. So keeping this in mind, the developers of OMR software designed an efficient way to integrate OMR software with a third party application.

By consistent development of the product, Addmen's OMR software has been designed to integrate with third party systems very easily without involving any extra cost.

Integration With Third Party
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Integration With Third Party ti
    Integration With Third Party
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Integration With Third Party
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