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Exam results or test reports show how students have fared in the exams. While tabular test reports do just that, graphical performance reports show where the students stand in their class or amongst their peers. However, creating such reports can be time taking. But it need not be so if you are using the Addmen OMR software.

The OMR software has a special feature that generates graphical performance report automatically. Apart from this, several types of graphical reports can be created using this software according to your needs.

Overall performance report: Here you can view an overall performance report where total marks as well as section-wise or subject wise scores are projected.

Graphical Performance Report
Graphical Performance Report

Subject-wise performance report: Here we will take a look at subject-wise performance report. Subject-wise performance report means that you get a separate performance report for every subject in the exam. We present three graphical reports, each report dedicated to one subject. While the marks in each report are different, the structure of each of them is the same.

With the subject-wise representation of marks, students will be able to know how they have fared in all the subjects individually. They will know as to which subject needs more preparation for future tests or exams.

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