How to send result by SMS

How to send result by SMS

Sending the results of the candidates via SMS facilitates fast and instant distribution of results. You don't need a separate software for sending the SMS; this feature comes in-built with the answer sheet checker. This utility allows the user to send the SMS through Internet connection. Results can be sent to every candidate with just a single click.

The SMS can be composed as per needs. The SMS results can simply contain the exam results, or it may contain the results in the explanatory way.

For example:

SMS send as brief SMS

Physics marks: 47/50; Physics marks: 23/50;
Chemistry marks: 43/50; Chemistry marks: 21/50;
Maths marks: 45/50; Maths marks: 16/50;
Rank: 6 Rank: 35

Explanatory SMS

Example 1:

Dear Mr. Vasudaven, your ward Arvind, has scored marks 47/50(PHY), 43/50(CHE), 45/50(MAT).
His rank is 6. The performance is good and improved. We wish him good luck.

Example 2:

Dear Mr. Viswanath, your ward Lakshmi Sadhana, has scored marks 23/50(PHY), 21/50(CHE), 16/50(MAT).
Overall rank is 14. The performance is not good and deteriorating. Please visit us in office.

This is how you can send results by SMS. It will be delivered instantly, even on DND numbers.

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